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Paveway™ PLUS Microbial Expression Platform

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Proven, modular workflows for early microbial process development

Paveway™ PLUS offers a flexible suite of modular workflows based on Paveway™, our proven technology platform for efficient microbial expression of proteins, using novel recombinant E. coli strains. This expression system offers industry-leading titers and a track record of more than 130 successfully expressed proteins. Development of a lead strain for recombinant protein expression can be achieved in as little as four weeks through the use of high-throughput, automated procedures.

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New enhanced recombinant strain screening workflow

Paveway™ PLUS has recently been enhanced through the development of a new workflow for recombinant strain screening, which includes rapid evaluation of purified product using a scale down/high-throughput robotic approach to protein purification, combined with advanced protein characterization. This enables strain selection based on parallel evaluation of product titer and quality.

Tailored, client-centric solutions to E. coli strain development

Both Paveway™ PLUS workflows enable rapid expression strain screening, lead strain identification, early pre-clinical and clinical material generation, and process scale-up. However, by applying a modular approach to E. coli strain development, initial material generation and analysis, we can provide clients with options for a wide range of scenarios, tailored to each program’s individual needs. This allows flexible strategies to strain selection to be chosen.

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Multi-candidate Screening

Multi-candidate assessments of E. coli expressed proteins with similar amino acid sequences can be performed to enable clients to understand expression levels of similar candidates during early stage development. Up to four candidates and two expression routes can be evaluated. 


Industry-leading titers

Well proven panel of E. coli host strains selected for their excellent performance characteristics and their ability to express high titers of recombinant proteins at high cell densities in large scale fermentations.


Lead strain generation in as little as four weeks. Platform-based approaches combined with high-throughput robotics supports fast-track process definition and development resulting in shorter timelines to the clinic and market.

Cost efficiency

High product titers from large scale E. coli microbial fermentations is generally understood to offer the potential of the lowest cost of goods of any biological expression system.


Highly versatile expression system for recombinant proteins using cytoplasmic (soluble or insoluble) and periplasmic expression modalities. An optimal expression strategy can be designed for each individual protein.

Antibiotic-Free Fermentations

Recombinant strains created using the Paveway™ technology show very low levels of plasmid loss in the absence of antibiotic-based selection pressure. This enables us to develop antibiotic-free fermentation processes without loss of product titer.


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