pAVEway Microbial Expression Platform

Efficient microbial expression

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pAVEway is an innovative and proven technology for the efficient microbial expression of proteins. This platform technology incorporates three key aspects for the delivery of an E.coli based expression process with industry leading titers and suitable for large-scale manufacture using antibiotic-free fermentation.

Delivering fast track process definition

pAVEway™ has a track record for enabling rapid entry into first clinical
manufacture from vector construction. By implementing the ambr™250
technologies we have reduced strain generation from six to four weeks.

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What are the expression controls?

pAVEway™ expression is based on unique protein vectors that are designed to maintain Transcription control via DNA looping. Modulation of expression is based on level of inducer added.

The technology allows for the manipulation of induction conditions to optimize accumulation allowing for maximization of protein expression as either inclusion bodies, cytoplasmic soluble or periplasmic secretion.

What Host cells are used?

pAVEway host cells include a panel of E.coli hosts chosen for High levels of expression of recombinant proteins and robust fermentation performance at high cell densities.

What is the pAVEway Process Fermentation Platform?

scientists looking at a DNA sequence on the monitorpAVEway™ process fermentation platform is based on Batch medium with a pre-developed feed strategy  that delivers High ‘protein productive’ biomass levels. This platform has been proven to be scalable in the manufacturing setting.

As a well established platform Induction protocols are pre-developed, no matter how the protein is expressed:

  • Inclusion body formation
  • Soluble intracellular accumulation
  • Secretion – periplasmic/growth medium

What are the benefits of pAVEway?


Fast track process creation and development: Reduced time to clinic, reduced time to market.


Antibiotic-free production: Antibiotic-free vectors suitable for large scale antibiotic-free cGMP manufacturing in a tightening regulatory environment without sacrificing yield and versatility.

Cost Savings

High yield protein production through class leading fermentation productivity, with potential for reduced cost of goods.


Produces a wide range of biotherapeutic proteins, through a variety of accumulation routes; intracellular soluble, intracellular insoluble, and periplasmic secretion. The optimal route can be tailored for each individual protein.

Tried and tested technology

Proven scaleability with over 100 different therapeutic proteins produced at very high titers over the past decade