cGMP Microbial Production

Microbial close up rendering

Whatever your molecule or process, our facilities are equipped to manufacture across a variety of scales from early phase to commercialization.

Our global cGMP capacity supports the movement of programs from our process development laboratories into manufacture and offers options for the direct transfer of programs sited elsewhere into our network – making us your CDMO Partner for Life.

Microbial cgmp production equipment

Access Our Experience

We offer a broad range of microbial production services through our global cGMP-compliant network, such as:

  • Access to our proprietary Paveway™ PLUS microbial expression platform, for the efficient expression of proteins in E.coli
  • Working with a wide range of hosts and expression systems including E.coli, P.pastoris and S.cerevisiae
  • cGMP production of clinical and commercial products
  • Over 2,000 batches completed and dispositioned

Regardless of scale or phase, we are ready to execute your microbial program in our flexible cGMP facilities through the following:

  • cGMP microbial cell banking
  • Multiple 100 L, 2,000 L and 5,000 L fermenters
  • Protein refolding capacity up to 10,000 L
  • In-house cGMP production of plasmids
  • Dedicated suites for the production of High Potency Biologics

A fully automated and highly customizable technology for end-to-end multi-functional downstream purification. Proven within FDB to simplify and de-risk cGMP operations, SymphonX operates over a range of scales, offering: 

  • Productivity improvements through process intensification 
  • Regulatory risk reduction 
  • Sustainable workflows