Mammalian Process Development

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Where We Can Help 

We work with you to develop and optimize your upstream production and downstream processes. From monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) to multispecifics and non-mAbs, we are versed in a number of molecules and conjugation mechanisms. 

Partner with us to develop high titer, scalable production processes that will express your target molecules efficiently with long-term commercial production in sight.

Access off-the-shelf consumables and streamlined workflows to fast-track your mAb to IND with our high-yielding, fully single-use platform. Our mAb platform has proven to be suitable for the purification of proteins from both client-specific cell lines, and our robust ApolloX mammalian expression system. If you are looking for speed and reliability, our standard mAb platform is for you.

Embrace your protein’s personality with tailored process development. Our solutions are customized to flexibly meet the needs of every program, target molecule, manufacturing approach and scale. Even for the the most complex of molecules, leverage our specialists’ expertise and de-risk your path to commercialization. 

Our standard approach to continuous process development utilizes our proven  ApolloX cell line, delivering high titer perfusion processes in a similar development timeline to fed-batch. We also work with you in cases where an improvement in perfusion performance is needed or when transferring from fed-batch to continuous.

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Mammalian Process Development
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