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Engaging our expertise
and resources to develop sustainable practices

s a global contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO), we are engaging our global workforce to develop sustainable environmental practices. We endeavor to be true partners with our suppliers, customers and community to combat climate change. We are committed to leveraging our global footprint and expertise to accelerate necessary changes to align with our Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi) goal of 1.5 C in alignment with the Paris agreement. We recognize our current interim targets are a starting point. We are committed to constantly seeking ways to do even more, and our intent is to seek ways to meet the needs of the present without compromising future generations.

Focus Areas

We set our targets in alignment with Fujifilm’s Sustainable Value Plan 2030 (SVP2030) into three focus areas – Zero impacts from operations, Decarbonize the supply chain, and Be valued partners for customers. Sponsorship and support from our leadership team and a governance structure supports the teams’ efforts and ensures success.

Zero Impact From Operations

We will pursue zero environmental impacts in our operations globally* (Scope 1 & 2). To achieve this, we have set these goals:

  • Net zero GHG emissions from operations by FY2040*.
  • Convert to renewable electricity by FY2040 (adjusted for growth).
  • 30% more efficient potable water usage (relative to volume produced).
  • Reduce the amount of waste generated by 30% by FY2030 (relative to production volumes).

Achieving zero environmental impacts from operations may be challenging, but we will continually strive to achieve this status through focusing on continuous improvement, regular monitoring and adoption of sustainable initiatives to reduce our environmental footprint.

Decarbonize The Supply Chain

We will reduce GHG emissions across our supply chain (Scope 3).

  • Reduce supplier CO2 footprint via ongoing data-driven dialogue.
  • Reduce GHG emissions across our supply chain by 50% by 2030* (Compared to baseline, Scope 3, Relative reduction target, adjustable to accommodate growth).

Decarbonizing the supply chain is an ongoing process, requiring collaboration across industries, commitment from stakeholders and a holistic approach to sustainability. We will actively pursue decarbonization not only to contribute to our environmental goals, but also to help our partners achieve theirs.

Be Valued Partner For Customers

We will partner with our customers to reduce environmental impacts and improve transparency.

  • Contribute to a reduction in GHG emissions in society through advocacy and partnerships.
  • Engage customers in data-driven dialogue to align targets.
  • Reduce customer and product environmental footprints.

Through collaborative, mutually beneficial relationships with local and global partners we will amplify the impact of our sustainability initiatives and address ongoing challenges through communication and transparency.

*Targets aligned with FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation SVP2030

Renewable energy for all 6 of our sites

Hear From Our President & CEO

Our dedication to being Partners for Life is embedded in everything we do. Being true Partners for Life also means being Partners for the Planet, involving continuous improvement and a genuine commitment to making a positive impact on the planet, our society and the communities in which we operate.

Lars Petersen I President & CEO


  • Renewable energy PPA signed providing 40 GWh of renewable energy for the Denmark site by the end of 2024.
  • All US operations will be Carbon Neutral for electricity usage by FY2025 resulting from Virtual Power Purchase Agreement for 300,000 MWh of annual solar energy (Nov. 2023)
  • Multiple sites have received the highly-regarded EcoVadis certification.
  • Several facilities working within the structure of high standards such as ISO 14001, 45001, 50001 and USBC LEED.
  • Several ongoing waste reduction initiatives across the global network with key partners.
  • Many sites are working in partnership with local municipalities to minimize water usage.
  • Innovative construction debris diversion programs diverting more than 90% construction waste from landfill.
  • Supplier evaluation criteria defined.
  • Local partnerships and advocacy efforts across our network extend our reach beyond sites into areas where we operate.
  • Supplier sustainability audit/questionnaire implemented for supplier selection process.
  • Calculating our total Scope 3 footprint to support stakeholder emissions needs – and to identify hotspots
  • Sustainability appendix implemented for Master Service Agreements so suppliers understand our expectations and requirements.
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Together, We Can Make a Sustainable Future

At FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies, we firmly believe in the critical importance of sustainability and addressing climate change. By focusing on climate change targets, we not only contribute to a healthier planet but also create meaningful benefits for our valued customers and dedicated employees.


By aligning our operations with sustainable practices, we reduce our carbon footprint, conserve resources, and promote a greener future. This commitment enhances our customers’ experience, as they can be confident they chose to work with an environmentally responsible CDMO partner. Additionally, our employees take pride in working for an organization that prioritizes sustainability, fostering a sense of purpose and motivation.

Together, we can make a positive impact on the world while providing our customers and employees with a greener, more sustainable future.