We Are One FDB

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Our Core Values

To us, our values are not just words on a page. We live them, and our values are our guiding force in describing our work, our relationships, our engagement, when defining our goals, or creating a strategy.

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Mutual trust is the foundation of our relationships and is shown by open and free communications with anyone at any level of the organization. It’s the transparency and integrity at the center of all our actions. We value all team members, and we trust each other to perform our roles and responsibilities to the best of our abilities.

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Delighting our Customers

We delight our customers through our unique partnership model and our commitment to science, innovation, quality and delivery of our promises. Delighting our customers is the winning aspiration that pushes our innovation and urges us to deliver right the first time, every time. It’s about helping our customers succeed and providing an exceptional customer experience.

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Think about Genki as enthusiasm, energy, pep, vigorous positivity or passion. We empower our employees to define what Genki means to them in their careers and their lives. We embrace and encourage individuality, allowing employees to discover and follow what energizes, fulfills, and inspires them every day. As a team, we express Genki through achievements, celebrations, activities, and events globally and locally and encourage employees to share their Genki with others and recognize colleagues for their Genki.

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Gemba comes from a Japanese term meaning ‘the actual place’ and it is a way of working that we adopted from our parent company, Fujifilm. At FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies, Gemba is at the heart of our belief in continuous improvement– ‘going and seeing’ the work that’s happening at the source and gaining firsthand insights. Our team members, from all levels of the organization, are encouraged to use Gemba to observe and learn, overcome challenges, and make improvements.

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