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Let us help you navigate the changing landscape of vaccine development

With more than 30 years’ experience in microbial and virus-based cGMP biomanufacturing, we provide the technical expertise, process development, capacity availability and global network that is critical for your product to reach its final delivery.

Versatility Across Modalities

You need an established leader to advance vaccines from pre-clinical to commercial supply across multiple modalities, including viral/bacterial vaccines, non-viral vaccines, mammalian and insect cell culture-based and microbial-based vaccines.

*Including: HSV, Flu, Adeno, Vaccinia, Polio

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Baculovirus-based Vaccines

Baculovirus expression systems are versatile vectors for expressing a wide range of proteins.

We have the experience required to quickly scale your project into cGMP safely and robustly. We understand that each molecule and process comes with its own specific needs, our comprehensive and analytical development services smooth the path to cGMP. Our expertise in creating safe and robust cGMP processes de-risks your critical milestones.

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By partnering with us, you benefit from our unsurpassed expertise in insect cell culture processes, using Sf21 and Sf9 cell lines in the production of baculovirus, recombinant proteins, vaccines and virus-like particles as well as traditional, TIPS and BIIC virus stocks. Let us guide your vaccine through development to commercialization.

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We bring vaccine therapies to patients across a range of modalities. Learn more on our drug substance and drug product capabilities: