Microbial Process Development

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From the outset of your journey, our experts work with you to ensure that fermentation, purification, conjugation and PEGylation processes are optimized to achieve the maximum yield and quality possible.

Whether you are developing a new process or improving an existing one, our experienced teams partner with you every step of the way to deliver the project you need, when you need it.

Helping You De-Risk Critical Milestones

Whether your molecule is secreted, periplasmic or insoluble (inclusion bodies), we are versed in expression systems including E.coli, P.pastoris or S.cerevisiae and experts in solving the challenges that each unique molecule brings.

Our work-flows include:

  • Proven platform processes
  • Optimization of fermentation conditions, media and feeds
  • Full development and optimization of primary recovery stages including flocculation, homogenization and inclusion body recovery.

We work with you to develop scalable, robust and commercially viable processes that achieve the maximum yield and product quality possible. Regardless of scale, quantity or complexity of your molecule, our guidance will navigate you through your journey.  From scale up assessments, material supply and toxicology runs, to full process development, the full range of modular workflows available to you include the following:

  • Filtration development  
  • High throughput refolding development and optimization  
  • High throughput resin screening and chromatography development  
  • Tangential flow filtration and formulation development  
  • Process intermediate stability assessment  
  • Development and optimization of PEGylation and conjugation  
  • Product quality assessment  

A fully automated and highly customizable technology for end-to-end multi-functional downstream purification, providing the connectivity, integration, advanced automation and buffer management needed to realize the high-productivity promise of continuous processing.  Designed to simplify and de-risk operations, SymphonX operates over a range of scales, offering:

  • Productivity improvements through process intensification
  • Regulatory risk reduction
  • Sustainable workflows

View our SymphonX concept here:

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