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Early Manufacturability Assessments, Complete cGMP Solutions, and Everything in Between

FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies is a leading provider of cell culture services for biologics, advancing and delivering life changing therapies. We offer complete solutions for cell line and process development, late phase activities, clinical and commercial manufacturing for a wide variety of biopharmaceuticals.  

Our Mammalian Cell Culture Capabilities

We can assess your candidate molecules and help you select your lead mAb candidate based on predicted suitability for manufacture.

Apollo™X is a robust, highly versatile mammalian expression system, designed for quality and speed of delivery of monoclonal antibodies and a diverse range of CHO-expressed molecules.

We work with you to develop scalable, robust and commercially viable processes that achieve the maximum yield and product quality possible. Regardless of scale, quantity or complexity of your molecule, our guidance will navigate you through your journey.

We have unsurpassed expertise in insect cell expression systems and are a licensed manufacturer of a commercially approved baculovirus-expressed product.

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