Your CDMO Partner for cGMP Biopharmaceutical Fill Finish Manufacturing

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Reliable and cost-effective services with global capabilities

As your full-service manufacturing partner, we offer the technology, experience and safety assurance to accommodate your drug product delivery system of choice through a variety of finished good container formats. Our facilities for assembly, labeling and packaging ensure right-first-time delivery to reach patients safely and on time.

Assembly services

Whether you are partnering from the outset of your program or identifying a dedicated finished goods provider, prioritize the best option for delivering your drug product to your patients. Our assembly lines provide flexibility, meeting the highest quality and safety standards. 

Assembly Formats:

  • Pre-filled syringes including safety device
  • Auto-injectors (3-component final assembly)

Labeling and packaging services

With more than 16 years of experience delivering customers’ life changing therapies in over 65 countries around the world, our team will partner with you on the best approach to meet your packaging and labeling needs. Our lines offer you a variety of services and formats to deliver your drug product on time with the highest quality. Contact us to discuss your specific needs. 

Labeling and Packaging Formats:

  • Vials (Range: 2-50R; Standard: 10R, 20R)
  • Pre-filled syringes (1 mL with Luer lock/rigid needle syringe)
  • Auto-injectors

Labeling and Packaging Configurations and Solutions:

  • Single/Multi unit pack
  • Glue/sticker-based tamper evident seals
  • Top and side loading options
  • Various storage conditions
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Our Strategic Partnerships

SHL Medical offers patient-centric solutions for the design, development and manufacturing of autoinjectors, pen injectors, as well as innovative specialty delivery systems for large-volume and high-viscosity formulations that will expand FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies’ finished goods autoinjector assembly, labeling and packaging services.

FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies and SHL Medical announced collaboration aims to streamline processes and enhance efficiency for pharmaceutical and biotech companies offering self-injection device finished goods services, primarily with SHL’s flagship platform Molly®.

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Our Facilities

Our Drug Product and Finished Good Facility Network

*Expanding DP & FG network
**Dedicated cell therapy site with specific DP & FG capabilities