Your Advanced Therapies Partner for Life

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Advanced Therapies are rapidly evolving. Our experts will guide you every step of the way to achieve your vision of success.

We combine technical leadership with world-class cGMP manufacturing facilities. Located in the United States and Europe, our flexible end-to-end solutions provide our partners with everything they need to advance their therapies to patients.

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Gene Therapy

Across our global network, multiple entry points offer maximum flexibility to best serve our partners’ needs. Begin your journey confident in the knowledge that whether you choose full process development or enter the FDB network via multi-candidate screening and feasibility assessments, we offer consistent scalability, productivity and performance.

Being your viral gene therapy CDMO partner means we work with you to structure programs with the end goal of regulatory submissions in sight. Therefore, CMC considerations are built into the fabric of the work. With extensive experience in both suspension and adherent production for gene therapies (AAV, AdV, LV, HSV and Retrovirus), oncolytic viruses (AAV, AdV and HSV) and viral vaccines, we implement the scalable and robust processes to meet your future market demands.

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Cell Therapy

With our cell therapy expertise and our focus on innovative, future-proofed solutions, we partner with you to address the challenges of complex cell therapy development and manufacturing scalability.

In an industry where rapidly generating clinical data can be the difference between advancing to Phase II or not, you need a partner who can expedite your development and GMP timelines.