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Join us to Make a Difference

At FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies, our aspiration is to become Partners for Life in Advancing Tomorrow’s Medicines. Our dedicated employees play a key role in achieving this aspiration. As a member of our team, you will make a real difference in the lives of patients by helping to ensure development and delivery of advanced therapeutics needed worldwide.

Our high energy, high-performing team environments help keep us centered on the patient, because their well-being and quality of life depends on our work. The unified effort of all our teams, departments and leaders contributes to our ability to make a difference.

We make every effort to bring the voice of our customer and the patient to employees as often as we can to remind them how much the work they do matters. Helping bring medicines to patients is what our work is ultimately all about.

At FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies, we created the Making a Difference initiative to share compelling stories with FDB employees of how our work connects to patients. Reminding them on a regular basis that behind every vaccine, therapeutic molecule, cell therapy and biologic that we work on with our customers, that we, employees, are part of that journey to create better realities for patients.

Knowing that the work I perform everyday really helps patients.

Coming to work to help others and make a difference every day.

That the work we are doing is actually impacting someone’s life.

Makes me feel in touch with patients and families.

Inspires me to concentrate on doing my job correctly.

It means a lot. It reinforces why we’re here, who we are helping, and the actual difference we’re making.

It’s a way to see where the drugs we manufacture go and the lives that are changed by them.

It helps to ground me in the work I am doing and reemphasize that we are “Partners for Life”.

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