Apollo™X Cell Line Development

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Early Manufacturability Assessments, Complete cGMP Solutions, and Everything in Between

Our scalable ApolloX system is designed for quality and speed of delivery of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and a diverse range of CHO-expressed molecules, including bispecific antibody formats, Fc-fusion proteins and non-Fc containing recombinant proteins.

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The Power of Possibilities

For mAbs and Next-Generation Therapies   

If your portfolio is not composed solely of mAbs, ApolloX offers an expedited path to research cell bank (RCB) for both mAbs and more complex molecules. The system allows you to: 

  • Rapidly progress from transfection to RCB in 10 weeks 
  • Routinely reach mAb titers of 5-7 g/L and headline titers of up to 10 g/L 
  • Successfully express bispecific and Fc-fusion proteins at titers comparable to mAbs (up to 5g/L)
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For Fed-Batch or Perfusion   

Scale up, scale out or scale on with cGMP-ready cell lines

ApolloX recombinant cell lines are biomanufacturing-ready and suitable for use in both fed-batch and continuous cultures. For mAbs or more complex molecules, choose a mammalian expression system that will take you further, regardless of which manufacturing path you follow.

Confidently consider continuous with ApolloX

ApolloX was designed to withstand higher levels of agitation and aeration within a perfusion bioreactor. If continuous manufacturing is an option for you, confidently pivot from fed-batch or adopt continuous by first intent with an ApolloX cell line.

Efficient, High-Quality Cell Line Development

From DNA to RCB in as little as 10 weeks. Our state-of-the-art screening technology and established workflow ensures a rapid progression to manufacture. Transfectant pool material is highly representative of clonal materials, so development work can begin right away. 

Our robust and scalable bioprocess allows you to routinely reach a high product yield and quality, with headline titers of up to 10 g/L for mAbs.

Our well-proven, CHO-derived host cell line has been developed through adapted evolution with superior growth characteristics and expression capability. Start your cell line development with a fully characterized cGMP cell bank to de-risk critical milestones.

We grow cells under optimized conditions in a chemically defined medium, developed in-house by Fujifilm. We use the same media for the entire cell line development journey and throughout process development, so you get consistent results as you scale up and progress into cGMP manufacturing.

All cell lines used in the commercial production of biopharmaceuticals must be derived from a single-cell progenitor. Our single-round cloning strategy couples automated picrodroplet microfluidic cell sorting and plate imaging for the rapid creation of biomanufacturing-suitable cell lines with high probability (>99%) and multi-step assurance of monoclonality.

Application of targeted locus amplification (TLA) at various stages of cell line development can support rapid genetic characterization of clonal cell lines and provide additional information about the integrity of the transgene sequence. 

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