Clinical & Commercial Distribution

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Our facility in Thousand Oaks, California has been delivering products to patients across the globe since 2018.

Your therapies are important and ensuring that they are safely stored and handled is just as critical as the manufacturing and testing processes. Our location is strategically located near both domestic and international shipping hubs to ensure your patients receive product when and where they need it. 

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Our Cell Therapy Clinical & Commercial Distribution Capabilities

Our Supply Chain and Distribution teams are experienced, knowledgeable, and ready to support your long-term storage and distribution goals for any clinical phase or commercial ready strategy. After your product is formulated, filled, and brought to working temperature, our teams step in to ensure it is stored according to specification. After disposition, we will support your clinical teams in coordinating commercial distribution to patients. 


Whether your product is kept at -20°C, -80°C or ≤-150°C, our final product freezers are controlled and monitored by a validated building monitoring system and managed by SAP.

No matter where your clinical trials are conducted, or where your commercial product is authorized, our teams will ensure all shipping needs, licences, or clearances are identified and addressed prior to your first shipment.

As your product advances on its clinical journey, our team is ready to support validation efforts for your shipping container, routes, and configuration.

If your strategy involves a third-party distributor, our logistics teams will ensure that your final product is packed and shipped to your partners with all the relevant tracking and distribution information.

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