Partners for Life

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As your Partner for Life, you can leverage our technical leadership to achieve your goals

As a member of the Fujifilm Healthcare group, we utilize our experience and expertise in microbial fermentation, mammalian cell culture, gene therapy and viral vaccines, and ancillary services to support our partners to improve patient access to critical, life-impacting therapeutics.

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What does Partners for Life mean to you? 

Through our partnership model, we stand ready to come alongside our customers, as consultative experts, to help them achieve their vision for their molecules. With our diverse service offerings across scales, modalities and manufacturing platforms, we work with you to determine which pathway best suits your programs and portfolio.  

Our strategic objectives provide a foundation for the delivery of life-impacting medicines. 

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People First

Relationships matter. We invest in our people so that our employees are empowered and committed to serve you best. The relationships we have with our partners – whether clients or providers – is important to us too.  It is through open and honest, real conversations that we can overcome challenges and continue our success journey – together. Our people stand ready to work with your people so that together we can deliver on our commitment to provide life-impacting medicines. 

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Transforming the Industry

We call our approach to transforming the industry, KojoXTM.  KojoX is both a mindset and an ecosystem.  It’s how we approach physical assets and it’s how we approach systems and processes combined, creating a new, modular approach to maximize operations, design, and capacity. 

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Unprecedented Delivery

You can count on us to do what we say, to keep our promises, and to deliver on time every time. 

Let us be your partner

Our passion is to advance your medicines – from lab to clinic to market with product quality and patient safety at the center.

Experienced teams Including technical SMEs

Driven by science and innovation

State-of-the-art technology

Regulatory experience around the globe

Accessible locations in US and Europe

Multimodal, flexible, scalable capacity embedded with KojoX mindset

End-to-end CDMO simplifies your supply chain management

Convenience and ease of contracting

Cost efficiencies and time savings

Patient safety at the center