About FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies

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FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies works in strategic collaboration with biopharmaceutical and biotech companies to develop and manufacture the latest in biologics, advanced therapies and vaccines.

With production facilities in the US and Europe, we give our customers everything they need to develop and commercialize treatments and therapies effectively and efficiently to make patients’ lives better.

We are driven to revolutionize the industry through our Partners for Life mindset, seeking to build global partnerships based on trust with our customers. Our global teams fully embrace our aspiration of being the leading and most trusted Partner for Life in the biopharmaceutical industry, leveraging three strategic priorities to bring this vision to life.

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Put People First

We are dedicated to building a culture of transparency and trust where we strive to live by the behaviors that will prioritize people and make us a great place to work. 

Our customers can trust that our teams of passionate, empowered employees are fully invested in the partnerships we build with them.  We embrace collaborative relationships where we stand shoulder to shoulder with them in solving complex challenges.

Process modules are in place to create customer-specific recipes in fast tech transfers

Equipment modules are flexible, yet standardized, putting our customers in charge for fit-for-purpose configurations providing fast low-risk/well-known solutions

Procedural modules ensure high quality cGxP process execution grounded in our execution, experience and expertise

Transform the Industry with KojoX™

KojoX is what we call our operational ecosystem or philosophy.  It’s built into how our physical assets are utilized, how our processes are developed and aligned, and how our teams interact – with patient access to medicines at the center.

The modular approach benefits our customers through value-added speed and flexibility.  

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Unprecedented Customer Delivery

The Partner for Life experience we envision for our customers is one where you are confident that no matter where your touchpoints are with us, you will receive the exact same extraordinary customer experience and be met with our signature Genki (enthusiasm) and trust.

To us, unprecedented delivery means that you can count on us to deliver on our promises.