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From transfection to RCB in 10 weeks

Today, the quality and productivity of CHO cell lines are less of a problem than time because of the classical bottlenecks in production. With the latest generation of Apollo XTM we have reduced CLD timelines from 25 weeks to 10 weeks, through the introduction of a new CHO DG44 host cell line with superior growth and productivity characteristics. The process is supported by a proprietary cell culture medium developed in-house by FUJIFILM,  and state-of-of-the-arts screening and isolation strategies using Cyto-Mine® technology.

Process Development Activities


  • Process Transfer-in and Development
  • Process scale up
  • Toxicology Study
  • Material supply


  • Resin screening
  • Intermediate stability
  • UF/DF development
  • Viral clearance studies support
  • Pegylation, hapten conjugation, enzymatic cleavage
  • Set processing targets
  • Process characterization
  • Scale down models