Tailored Mammalian Process Development

embryonic stem cells
Molecular model of immunoglobulin

A Tailored Approach to Process Development to Suit Your Molecule’s Needs 

If you have a more complex molecule that requires additional development over standard platform approaches, or have an existing process that requires improvements in titer or product quality, our tailored process development services are for you. Whatever the scenario, our teams of experts are equipped to facilitate bespoke process and analytical workflows, navigating our partners to success. 

Multicolored antibody or immunoglobulin - 3d illustration

Downstream Process Development of mAbs, non-mAbs and Multispecifics 

With high-throughput instrumentation, experimental design and a team of in-house data scientists, we work with you to optimize and develop scalable, robust and commercially viable processes that achieve the maximum yield and product quality even for the most complex of molecules.

Regardless of scale, quantity or complexity of your molecule, let us support you through scale-up assessments, material supply and toxicology runs, to full process development. 

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Access a Range of Modular Development Workflows 

  • Filtration development  
  • High-throughput resin screening and chromatography development  
  • Tangential flow filtration and formulation development  
  • Process intermediate stability assessment  
  • Product quality assessment  
  • Process Characterization