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Cell Line Development

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A Robust, versatile mammalian expression system

Apollo™X is a robust, scalable, highly versatile mammalian expression system, designed for quality and speed of delivery of monoclonal antibodies and a diverse range of CHO-expressed molecules, including bispecific antibody formats and Fc fusion proteins.

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Our main host cell line is a CHO DG44-derived cell line with superior growth characteristics and expression capability developed through adapted evolution.

The cells are grown under optimized conditions in a thymidine-lacking, well defined medium, developed in-house by Fujifilm. Research cell banks can be obtained 10 weeks post transfection with average titers of 5 grams per liter, and headline titers of 10 grams per liter.

Apollo™X recombinant cell lines are biomanufacturing ready and suitable for both fed batch and continuous cultures. Our established workflow for mAbs plus strategies for non-mAbs ensures rapid progression to manufacture.

KEY features

Expression Vector 

  • DHFR-based selection system
  • Patented leader sequence developed in-house for optimum, efficient secretion
  • High productivities without the need for several rounds of gene amplification
  • Codon optimization increases translational efficiency and protein expression
  • Single or double gene vector

Host Cell Line 

  • CHO DG44-derived host cell lines
  • Superior growth characteristics and expression capability developed through adapted evolution
  • Fully characterized cGMP cell bank
  • Full cell line history

Media & Feeds

  • Proprietary Apollo™X medium developed by Fujifilm
  • Chemically defined medium used for the entire cell line development process
  • Superior bioprocess characteristics including growth, titer, and product quality

CLD Process & Yield

Further capabilities

  • Optional multi-candidate manufacturability assessments can be performed prior to the Apollo™X workflow to help clients narrow down from up to six candidates, de-risking the decision on which molecule to progress into cell line development.
  • Optional application of targeted locus amplification (TLA) at various stages of the cell line development can support rapid genetic characterization of clonal cell lines and provide additional assurance about the integrity of the genomic insert in the Apollo™X cell line.