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Cell Line Development

Efficient High-Quality Cell Lines

An efficient high-quality cell line is the critical first step in any biopharmaceutical manufacturing process. Achieving such a cell line can be a demanding task. It requires precise craftsmanship, requiring both expertise and hands-on experience in process development as well as reliable technology platforms.

Our state-of-the-art facilities provide a global service based on Apollo X™ Mammalian Expression System for efficient cell line development and reliable delivery of monoclonal antibodies and other CHO expressed molecules.

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Apollo X™ Mammalian Expression System

High-quality, efficient cell line development

Apollo X™ is a flexible and scalable cell line development and process development platform designed for efficiency and speed. Typically, product concentrations of 7- 10 g/L are seen about 10 weeks after transfection with the latest improvements.

Apollo X™ is a unique expression platform that was developed in-house by our specialists, based on experience and our long record of accomplishment in cell line development. Simply put, it is designed to take you from pre-clinical investigations to full-scale cGMP production and commercialization as smoothly as possible.

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Screening with ambr15™

Improved performance of cell lines using ambr15™

To enable improved and early prediction of the ‘best’ cell lines, state-of-the-art multi-well plate and micro bioreactor systems are utilized to screen cell lines in an environment that is close to that of a production bioreactor. This creates a high probability of success to give a large number of high titer cell lines. The system is operated in fed-batch mode with cells in suspension culture, and deploys ambr™ technology.

Average Titer Improvement

  • mAb1: 2.0 x
  • mAb2: 1.9 x
  • mAb3: 1.4 x
  • mAb4: 2.1 x

Average: 1.9 x

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