Viral Gene Therapy Platform

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A Complete Package to Effectively Bring Your Therapy to Patients  

Circumvent time, cost and raw material access constraints associated with viral vector manufacture, using our tried and tested customizable AAV platform to make your therapy a reality for patients.   

Moving from development into cGMP, the reliability of our platform translates to a scalable cGMP process that successfuly delivers the product you need. Integrated and streamlined CMC services combined with a strong regulatory track record derisk your path to clinical and commercial. For partners pursuing multiple indications, the agility of the platform provides flexibility to reprioritize candidates seamlessly. 

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cGMP Cell Line and Plasmids

Our off-the-shelf cGMP cell line and plasmids are readily available to support commercial production:

  • Triple transfection plasmid technology
  • cGMP clonal suspension HEK293 cell line optimized for high productivity and packaging
  • Consistently high rAAV titers for multiple serotypes
  • Off-the-shelf plasmid toolbox
  • Pay-as-you-use GMP-grade, multiple serotype AAV Rep/Cap and Adenovirus helper plasmids
  • Commercial-ready cell line and plasmids
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Tailored Process Development

We also offer a tailored process development to provide flexibility to meet your needs. Regardless of scale, quantity or complexity of your therapy, let us guide you to a robust, scalable and high yielding process, intentionally designed with forethought to your future market needs.