Stem Cells

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Regenerative medicine is critical in the fight against rare and autoimmune diseases, as well as repairing damage from other diseases and defects

With our experience with adherent cell cultures, scale up into bioreactors, and through our partnerships, our experienced and knowledgeable teams are ready to support your program goals and work with you to deliver for your patients. 

Where We Can Help

No matter what the technical challenge or regulatory milestone, our teams are passionate about cell therapy. Our experts are here to help you take your stem cells to the next level, whether maintaining multipotent potential or differentiating to a final cell fate.

Whether your cells prefer to grow in static suspensions such as a gas permeable membrane device or cell culture bag, or in dynamic suspension of a stirred tank bioreactor, we are ready to help your cell populations thrive in our cGMP cleanrooms. 

For the stem cell populations that grow adherently, the cleanrooms in our cell therapy facility are flexible to accommodate the necessary cell culture vessels and the vessel appropriate incubators. We are experts in measuring confluence and passaging cell cultures, ensuring they thrive in our cleanrooms. 

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Some of our Favorite Stem Cells

For tissue derived therapies, we work with a range of different stem cells for both allogeneic and autologous cell therapy programs, that include but are not limited to:

The swiss army knife of stem cells, MSCs have the ability to modulate immune response and are sourced from a variety of tissues including peripheral blood, bone marrow, adipose tissue and from birth-related tissue sources like placenta and cord blood. 

Our partnership with RoosterBio leverages specialized expertise and materials, creating high quality, complete solutions for a fast-track to cGMP manufacturing: 

  • Streamline process development
  • Allocate resources efficiently
  • Reduce costs and risks
  • Accelerate path to clinical and commercial

Discovered in 2006 out of the Yamanaka lab using mice, and then in 2007 using human cells, iPSCs are created by re-programming adult skin or blood tissue. These cells regain their stemness and can then be cultured and expanded, before controlling their differentiation into a desired cell population. iPSCs have many benefits in both allogeneic and autologous therapeutic applications with many innovator companies leveraging iPSCs as the starting material for minority population leukocytes such as NK cells. 

Through our strategic technology partnership with FUJIFILM Cellular Dynamics, we are able to offer contract development and cGMP manufacture of clinical-grade human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) to advance cell therapy programs. Utilizing their expertise and capacity to produce iPSCs at commercial scale helps us to reduce the time to market for your iPSC cell therapies.

CD34+ cells, blood stem cells, blood progenitor cells – these cells have acquired many names and have been the stem cells used in therapy the longest. Our experts are well-versed in HSC therapies and ready to support your needs.