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Our Facilities

An overview of our facilities

FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies is a leading contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) providing the development and manufacturing of biologics, vaccines and advanced therapies with a global network in the following locations:

  • Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA (Cambridge Collaboration Center)

  • College Station, Texas, USA

  • Hillerød, Denmark

  • Holly Springs, North Carolina, USA (coming on-line in 2025)

  • Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA

  • Teesside, UK

  • Thousand Oaks, California, USA

  • Tokyo, Japan (Sales & Customer Support)

  • Watertown, Massachusetts, USA

Our combination of expertise, experience and state-of-the art equipment is unmatched on the market.

Our modern facilities provide global services for the production of pharmaceuticals and biologics based on mammalian cell culture expression, microbial fermentation, Insect Cell Cultures (ICC) and cell and gene therapies.

We provide a broad range of therapeutic target compounds including monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, recombinant proteins and gene therapy solutions for pharmaceutical companies, globally.

Our combination of expertise, experience and state-of-the art equipment is unmatched on the market.

We are a licensed manufacturer of a commercially approved baculovirus expressed product.

Partners for Life

30 years of experience

We can bring over 30 years of experience in process development, scale-up and cGMP production to your program. Let us be your complete outsourcing partner in the cGMP manufacturing of pharmaceutical products.

Premium services

The company offers a comprehensive list of services based on reliable technology – pAVEway™ Microbial Expression Platform and Apollo™X Mammalian Cell Expression System – from cell line development, process development and analytical development to clinical and FDA-approved commercial cGMP manufacturing.

We support projects from pre-clinical through to commercialization with best in class assets capable of delivering very small to very large production volumes.

State-of-the-art equipment

With over 50 bioreactors ranging from 3 to 200 liters, and supporting technologies like Cyto-Mine® and ambr® 250 screening, we offer both flexibility and capacity:


  • Stainless Steel: 650L and 2,000L
  • Bioreactors Single Use: 200L, 500L, Multiple 1,000L and Multiple 2,000L Bioreactors
  • Hollow Fiber and Stack Cell Culture Systems
  • Apollo™X Mammalian Expression System
  • pAVEway™ Microbial Fermentation Platform
  • Cyto-Mine®, ambr® 250, RAPTA, QdB, etc.
  • Process Transfer-in and Development Process Monitoring
  • Supply & Toxicology Study Supply Batches


  • Resin screening
  • Intermediate stability
  • UF/DF development
  • Viral clearance studies support
  • Pegylation, hapten conjugation, enzymatic cleavage
  • Set processing targets
  • Process characterization
  • Scale down models