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Analytical development for gene therapy and viral vaccines

Our analytical team specializes in the development of assays to verify high-quality expression of therapeutics and viral vectors – and support effective cGMP production. Continually through any program, we evaluate how to best use analytics to improve quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. These efforts need to support both phase appropriate development and the execution of full programs.

Our team is very experienced with virus technology and the analytical development strategies needed through the process, from monitoring production to final release potency and impurity testing.

Our experts will provide you with fast and accurate assays to make sure you are always in control over critical success parameters such as the amount of infection in a viral product expressed by the host/virus system, or the ratio of infections versus non-infections viral particles.

Viral Product Characterization capabilities include:

  • Virus Strain Identity
  • Infectious titer measures
  • Viral particle population dynamics, cell substrate characterization

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